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The EDP suits my preferences perfectly so it is my method of choice and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.I spray into the air and walk through and do not find it overwhelming at all (and I am a person who is sensitive to fragrances).

I started on New Year’s Day and will report back when it’s done.

I got into vintages and Youth Dew was one of my first vintage blind buys. The YD Bath Oil is thick musky incense syrup-- amazing in it's comfort and warmth. In the "dip" of my clavicle I put a drop of bath oil. I finely misted myself all over with Tabu cologne in the violin shaped bottle. Tabu, like YD, came alive in the cold dry winter air. ;) Quite a spicy sweet blast on the first spray but after dry down is very reminiscent of Clinique's Aromatics Elixir which is one of my favorite fragrances.

(I'm not always talking about vintage formulas-- just scents that have been around forever, and capture another era) I was too early in my vintage exploration to appreciate YD EDP, and I sold it immediately. And the creamy, dreamy incense-root beer was divine. ;) So, I'm still without an EDP of YD, but between the vintage cologne and the new bath oil, I feel like I have everything I need. plus my swap partner mentioned that newer formulas of YD EDP are loaded with laundry musk... I have no prob with soapy/laundry/powder, in fact I ADORE vintage aldehydes. It's a little sweeter and spicier than AE but quite close in scent and has better longevity on my skin.

She wore Youth-Dew and would let me use her powder when I got out of the bathtub. I just wanted to say how grateful I am that this scent is still available.

I have had a terrible week and this scent has given me the feeling of warm clothes out of the dryer when you are cold.

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