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And so it is sort of like people were laughing about this in the open when behind the scenes the alleged abuse was still going on.Was it a matter of you hearing all these stories and trying to confirm them as true, or getting people to go on the record versus off the record?My colleagues Emily Steel and Michael Schmidt did the Bill O’Reilly story and Katie Benner had done some really startling reporting on women in Silicon Valley.So basically we said as investigative journalists we can look at the whole pattern here, and not just focus on one individual woman’s experience.Amanda Serrano, a titlist in four weight divisions, brought women’s world title action back to premium cable.And, by the end of the year, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Claress....Kantor and her colleague Megan Twohey first published a massive account of Weinstein’s long history of sexual harassment and assault.She and Rachel Abrams then followed it up this week with more accounts of harassment by Weinstein from Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and others.

Victor Ortiz: I'll Be Champion Again - It Starts With Alexander!Spence: I Can't Force Thurman To Fight, He's No Mayweather!Bernstein: Peterson Will Make it Very Entertaining...Meanwhile, the released a blockbuster story by Ronan Farrow, including the accounts of several women who say they were raped by Weinstein, who has left his company and is likely to face some sort of legal action, unless he stays in Europe, where he has reportedly gone for “sex addiction” therapy. In it, we discuss Kantor’s process of reporting the Weinstein story, why a comprehensive account of Weinstein’s behavior hadn’t emerged in the press until now, why so many women eventually came forward, and whether Hollywood is really going to change.has made a real commitment to sexual harassment reporting this year.

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It is sort of like everyone in Hollywood was joking about a known thing.

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