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Michael, to make him come out, takes Elena as hostage and tells Klaus that he will kill her if he will not come out and fight him as a man instead of having his hybrids do his job.Klaus calls Michael’s bluff but Michael stabs Elena and she collapses.Caroline (Candice Accola) organizes the "Homecoming Party" and it is where they plan to kill Klaus when he comes back.Elena, Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) work with Michael and Damon wants to make sure that no one will interfere to ruin their plan.Katherine calls to say goodbye and when they hang up, it is revealed that Stefan is with her and that she was the one who woke him up and helped him get to the party.Klaus told her, thinking that she is Elena, that if they kill him his hybrids will kill Damon anyway and that is why Stefan did not let Damon kill Klaus, to save him.Damon lets Michael bite Stefan so he will be unconscious while Elena stabs Rebekah with the dagger so they will be sure that none of them will tell Klaus what they are planning.The gym that the party was going to take place is flooded, and the party moves to Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) home.

Back at home, Damon is furious at how they did not manage to kill Klaus after planning everything accurately.Stefan took all the coffins that contain Klaus’ siblings and when Klaus threatens him, Stefan tells him that if he kills everyone he loves, he will never see his siblings again.In "Homecoming" one can hear the songs: "Homecoming" received mixed reviews.Michael, since Damon is the only one of the two who can enter the house, gives the stake to him so he can stake Klaus.Klaus gets a message that someone named Michael wants to talk to him and they meet at the door, but Klaus does not exit the house.

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