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Sound quality is good, quite clear and detailed as well as warm.

There is some clipping in the loudest passages and the bass is rather boxy and boomy but for its vintage it is quite good It's a shame this lovely atmospheric, modern but accessible work is not heard more often.

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This account of his Second Symphony, reckoned by many to be his finest can only help that process.

Jarvi's approach is pacey, the playing of the orchestra top drawer and the Chandos recording pin sharp.

I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend this if you can find it.

Además, parece que Lola ya la echa de menos;) Es la primera vez que utilizamos Gudog, teníamos una boda y necesitábamos que alguien cuidase a Moma en su casa.

All the principal soloists have strong clear and attractive voices and the choir sounds very well trained and precise.

Conductor Ansermet KNEW Honnegger and was in fact an early champion of this piece so this recording has significant merit on that account alone.

La experiencia ha sido genial, Laura es encantadora y muy responsable. :) Regístrate en Gudog, cuéntanos un poco acerca de ti y tu mascota.

Selecciona en el listado de cuidadores el que más te guste y se ajuste a las necesidades de tu perro, confirma tu reserva, y deja a tu mascota en buenas manos mientras tienes que salir de la ciudad. Crea tu perfil y si creemos que puede encajar en Gudog será validado.

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