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** Ettricke Foreste is a fair foreste ; In it grows many a semelie tree — There's hart and hind, and dae and rae. " 1416 In 1416a dispute arose " Betwixt the Religouse men, the Abbot and the C6u€t of Melrose on the ta. and ane honorabil Sqwhair, John the Hage, lorde of Bemerside, on the tothir. for Erig of a certain pece of land within thair maynis of Redpeth, foment the maynis of Bemerside beforsaide, the qwhilk the said John claymis, suld be comon to bathe the forsaide places." Digitized by Google 8 HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. and the XVJ." As the old house of Gala was not erected at that date, it is surmised that the building, or tower, occupied by the Douglases, stood a few hundred yards more to the south, where the remains of an ancient building are still to be traced, the origin of which is unknown. Things began to look serious, but Rob's blood was up, and he determined to defend himself to the bitter end.

The following description of it applies to the olden time, when the Stewart line sat upon the Scottish throne. This culminated in a mob march- ing to his house in Sharp Street (now Market Street), and, as he declined their invitation to come out and be 'Mook'd'' in the mill dam, which then ran open past the end of the street, they broke his window with stones, while one of the party lifted the *'clog*' which lay at the side of the door, and, dashing it against the framework, carried the whole window into the middle of the floor.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. at ^^Galwschelis*' the King confirmed to William de Douglas de Cluny and Lord of ^^Trakware/' certain lands in the county of Peebles. COATTBRS SOWING A BOLB OP CORNB, continued— Brought forward, £ Scots 195 13 4 James Taiet, ... And above all things, I shall regard the keeping and preserving the King's Majesty's peace, and shall at every Quarter Session and meeting of Justices give true and due information of any breach which hath been made of His Majesty's peace within the bounds of my commandment, and shall in no way hide, cover, nor conceal the same, nor any of the proofs or evidences which I can give for the clearing and proving thereof.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Reference bearing upon this tradition is made by Tennant, in his description of a Scottish tour which he made in 1772, as follows, — ** We have now crossed the water, and are in the county of Selkirk, or the Forest of Ettrick, which was fornierly reserved l^ the Scottish princes for the pleasure of the chase, and where they had small houses for the reception of their train. — So help me God." Ill Digitized by Google 112 HISTORY OF GALASHIELS.

Robert Hoppringle had been shield-bearer to James, the second Earl of Douglas, who was killed at the battle of Otterburn in 1388. This proved sufficient, the rioters fled like rabbits, and turning their attention to Stephen Metcalf, wrecked his dwelling, which was situated in the Damsidp, Digitized by Google no HISTORY OF GALASHIELS.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. — Miscellaneous, Chronological List of Events, 1846 to 1896, List of Subscribers, Page. In 1485 the **foglammys" of Galo- schelis, Moysilee, Blyndlee, and Magalt were rented by Queen Margaret of Denmark, wife of James III,, for pasturing sheep, with the right to have **schelis.*' 1503 In 1503 the lands and manor of Galashiels formed part of the dower of Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII. of Scotland, in whose favour sasine was given by John Murray of Fawlohyll, Sheriff of Selkirk, on the soil of the said lordship, near the tower and manor of "Galloschelis." 15 13 In 1 5 13 occurred the disastrous battle of Flodden, ** Where shivered was fair Scotland's spear, And broken was her shield." This memorable defeat carried woe and lamentation into many a Border home. The increased efficiency of the police rendered the special constables unnecessary, and application was made to the Sherifl F to discharge the body.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Map of Galashiels in 1795, Map of Galashiels in 1824, Map of Galashiels in 1 85 1, Galashiels in 1855, Chief Magistrates, — G. Tradition affirms that when the kings of Scotland took their pleasure in the Forest, they occupied a hunting lodge at Galashiels, which was named the *^ Hunter's Ha*. Fairgrieve, clothier; Thomas M^Gill, clothier; Thomas Nicol, flesher; Archi- bald Elliot, joiner; James Roxburgh, flesher; Robert Haldane, writer; William Paterson, tanner; Robert Rankin, labourer; William Young, carter.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. " Colour is 1463 given to the belief by a record, dated ist February, 1463, when Digitized by Google lo HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. 800 Forward, £ Scots 195 13 Digitized by Google 36 HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. With the exception of James Walker, Robert Gill, James Brown, and Robert Haldane, who from various causes were unable to attend, the remainder were sworn in as special constables, the following being the oath used on the occasion, — **I do swear that I shall faithfully and truly discharge the office of constabulary within the county of Selkirk during the time appointed to me, and shall not for favour, respect, or fear of any man, forbear to do what becometh me in the said office.

While collecting material for the work the author has to acknowledge the unvarying courtesy and kindness he received from all he had occasion to approach. He also hopes it will be of service in fostering a greater interest in the minds of the young and rising generation belonging to Galashiels regarding the origin and history of the place of their birth. George Hoppringill of Torwoodlee had to find security that he would underlie the law, being charged with affording treasonable assistance to *^our ancient enemies of England," giving and taking assurance from them, and for other crimes contained in his letters. Before the reformers had testified their utter abhorrence of Tory principles they had smashed the carriage to fragments.

In this connection the names of Mr Nenion Elliot, S. On the 5th June following, Robert Hoppringill of Blyndley and five others found the laird of Torwoodlee as surety that they would underlie the law at the next aire of Selkirk for the same offence, and also for keeping the house of Bukhame, belonging to James Hoppringill of Tynnes, and II Digitized by Google i^ HISTORY OF GALASHIELS. When the time of the trial arrived, they failed to appear, and their lands were granted to the said James Hoppringill. Other two carriages now came upon the scene, containing James Pringle of Torwoodlee and Archibald Gibson of Ladhope, who, also on account of their political principles, were abused, but not to such an extent.

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