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In an effort to get her attention, I took to stealing.Every day, I left the corner shop with pockets full of marbles and furry stickers.

I had always been the grown-up, taking care of my child-like mother, and now I had to be a child again.

I secretly longed for my mum to wear wellies, drive a Volvo and have a Labrador to take for walks, like all my friends' mothers, but I never questioned her erratic behaviour. Every time she missed my school play or sports day, she felt so guilty that, with a carefully timed bat of my eyelids, I could have her poring over my Latin homework while I played happily outside.

But, oddly, long after I'd gone to bed, she would push on into the night with the grammar exercises.

The night before she left, she threw a huge going-away party for herself.

Eavesdropping on snippets of conversation, I learnt that she was going all the way to Arizona, to stay at a special clinic called The Meadows.

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