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Honor those who first join by making them officers and ask them what title they would like under their name.5) Create A Whisper Campaign Tell your friends about the group in an indirect way long before you are going to launch, hint about it in blog posts, in teleseminars and in wall posts and in all your communications with your potential core members.People won’t join if they turn up to your group page and find a cold empty room with no music and no refreshments.Use Facebook Events and hold a teleseminar to publicize it and/or write Facebook notes and tag all your initial members, get them interacting with each other and keep sending them back to the group page to post on the wall and participate in the discussions.

Get your favorite bloggers to write an article about your group.

Groups are not just confined to a single location, they spill out all over the place.

Like a crowded house party that ends up with lots of people milling about on the front lawn.

It has to be compelling and dynamic and press peoples emotional hot buttons.

For Ideas look at the groups that have grown to over 1000 members and compare the names to those that that are still stuck at around 150 members.

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