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One moment you are staring into her dark brown, Hungarian eyes, talking about her recent trip to Cuba.She finds my recent venture into veganism intriguing as she stares at me whilst leaning over the table, her hands resting on her cheeks.Although things were not looking good as she had left a conversation unanswered for 4 days.Surely no matter how busy you are, it’s not hard to take a few minutes to reply or simply say you are really busy?But perhaps that is killing the idyllic picture of romance?As the old dating profile one-liner goes “We can pretend we met somewhere else”.Things became clear when he stated the obvious, instead of using different avoidance tactics such as “phasing someone out”, why not just tell that person what’s really going on?I thought that maybe its because the truth hurts and that we should avoid a difficult conversation, maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Should we focus our attention on that person who seems lovely?

It is likely that the date I value most is making the same decisions.

And so it came to that Thursday night, a date was planned for the evening.

We run the risk of getting hurt and I guess it’s all about taking care of ourselves and much like life, not taking it too seriously.

What prompted me to write this post is a recent experience where I was in a common app dating conundrum, a case of too much choice.

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