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So, I took them to Ironsi, and major Newman, immediately he saw Ironsi, he seized his crocodile swagger stick, and then they started asking him about the January coup, he said he didn’t know about it that he only agreed to be Head of State so that he can restore confidence and normalcy. Mohammed was compelled to leave the car by Major Anuforo. He reassured them that there was no danger and advised them not to panic. He introduced 2/Lt Nweke as the officer who would see to it that his orders were obeyed. They arrived at Lion Building around 0220 hours where Major Ademoyega, 2/Lt Wokocha, Sgt. The two corporals were instructed to ensure that the police obeyed the Major's orders. Major Ademoyega, 2/Lt Wokocha and the others then proceeded upstairs to the Police Control Room. He informed the SPO that they were engaged in military operations and that the soldiers were there to protect the Police. He entered the lobby holding a pistol in his hand and asked the two soldiers on duty what they were doing there. He added that he did not know what was happening but that he was turning out 2 Battalion to attack the men then engaged on unlawful operations in Lagos. The latter then decided that it would be wisest to comply with the GOC's orders. This written instruction has not been recovered and was probably destroyed by Capt. However, many prominet civilians argued strongly against the breakup of the country, and the Northern officers acquiesced to keeping their units in Lagos only on the condition that Lt. Yakubu Gowon, the Army Chief of Staff and the most senior Northern officer, assume control of the government.

It was immediately they arrested Ironsi that they turned violent". The latter told the Colonel to say his prayers as he was going to be shot. Iwueke - HQ 2 Bde NA had by then accomplished the arrest of Lt. JY Pam and was being guarded inside a landrover in the Mess premises. At a point inside Ikoyi the landrover was stopped and both Majors descended. He told them that he was leaving the two 2/Lts and the soldiers at the Exchange to ensure that his orders were obeyed. They replied that they did not know why they were there and that they had been brought by Major Ademoyega. He collected all his men and went to the Ministry of Defence where he succeeded in obtaining transport to take the entire back to Apapa where they arrived around 0430 hours. On August 1, 1966, Gowon announced by radio that he had taken the title of Supreme Commander and Head of the Military Government.

Even his chaplain urged him to escape but he said No. All the other members were disarmed and taken to the main gate where they remained guarded by Sgt Iberesi and 2 others. Messages were also passed to the 5th battalion in Kano under Lt. Col Murtala Muhammed maintained contact with northern civil servants in Lagos (like Muktar Tahir), while Captain Baba Usman of military intelligence provided insights into what the Army knew and did not know.

Also many of his officers who were contacted instead of taking action ran away. They were all informed that they would be shot if they attempted to escape or raise the alarm. Major Ifeajuna and few of his men then approached the back entrance to the Prime Minister's residence having secured the police orderly, and the stewards under arrest, and broke into the lounge and thence to the Prime Minister's bedroom. The Major replied by kicking the door open, entering the room and pointing his gun at the Prime Minister and thereafter led out the PM wearing a white robe with white trousers and slippers. Nevertheless, the Ironsi government had other mechanisms of information gathering outside official channels. Jasper, then the intelligence officer at the 4th battalion in Ibadan, was suspected of passing information directly to Supreme HQ and perhaps even to Ironsi himself, bypassing the Army.

"Fajuyi later sent me outside the government House to find out what was happening. When these arrangements had been completed these two officers entered Major Okafor's personal car accompanied by the following ORs from No. Signal Squadron: NA 500611 L/Cpl B Okotto NA 18150074 L/Cpl P Esekwe 55. By the time he returned to 11 Thompson Avenue, Major Ademoyega and Captain Adeleke had arrived there in a landrover driven by L/Cpl D. Major Ademoyega had already informed Captain Oji that the Brigadier had been killed and that he had seen his body at the Federal Guard. The Brigadier recognized his Brigade Major Ifeajuna and shouted and beckoned him to stop. After the Brigadier had been killed, his body was loaded into the 3-Tonner and driven to the Federal Guard Officers' Mess. The latter complied, whereupon Major Anuforo informed him that he was going to be shot. This met with little or no response from Anuforo who is reported as having confined himself to stating that he was acting under orders. When this task had been completed, they all boarded their respective vehicles and drove off to Lagos. It is certain that none of the ORs involved received any advance information on this subject. After the distribution of arms and ammunition at HQ 2 Brigade, 2/Lt PN Okocha and 2/Lt OC Anyafulu were allotted a Landrover and 3 Ors and instructed to proceed to the P & T Exchange by Major A. Not realising the extent of the plans, he phoned the Quarter-Master General of a number of military stations to report what he believed to be an isolated mutiny.

I met Danjuma, who was then a major and he was my friend. They drove direct to the Federal Guard Unit in Dodan Barracks, Ikoyi, where, in the meantime, Lt. Igweze had roused additional troops and arranged for the issue of arms and ammunition. Captain Oji was overheard telling Okafor that "the Jack had been killed". Then Ifeajuna stopped the car and accompanied by 2/Lt Ezedigbo went towards Brig. The Minister was then forced to go into the bush, pushed along by Major Anuforo and Major Ademoyega and followed by 2/Lt Igweze and Sgt. The convoy drove off and returned later, accompanied by 3 Ferret scout cars which had been obtained from 2 reconnaisance Squadron at Abeokuta. Egwim, Cpl Z Chukwu, L/Cpl J Nwankpa and private N. Ademoyega and to wait there until he, Ademoyega, joined them 82. Fortunately the Quarter-Master General at Enugu (a Northerner) did not receive the call having gone out to get the Northern soldiers ready in full war dress. Ogunewe, the officer commanding the 1st Battalion, he contacted Lt-Col.

He maintained that he saw Ironsi and Fajuyi shot dead. Major Ifeajuna and his group proceeded towards the PM's residence and 2/Lt Ezedigbo took his men to the compound of the Finance Minister. Ngwuluka and the following other ranks: NA 173629 WO II B. Major Danjuma, at that time a staff officer, was attached to General Ironsi as a military scribe, dutifully taking notes at his public hearings.It was providence, may be I was not destined to die. Okoye ON GUARD OVER VEHICLES AND APPROACH ROADS WO II J Onyeacha - in command L/Cpl RC Amadi Pte NA Evulobi L/Cpl S. The Major identified himself as an Army Officer whereupon the PC (Police Constable) granted them access. Indeed the fact they were not court-martialed was one of the grievances listed by those officers who carried out the unfortunate operations of July 28-August 1, 1966. In fact there was a brief scare in Kaduna when false rumors of Lt. Hassan Katsina's arrest in Lagos by Ironsi after the May riots rent the air.I took a few steps from them and jumped into a nearby ditch, all in a split of a second, came and stood by the ditch and was shouting that I had escaped pointing at another direction. The Major asked the PC how many men were on guard with him and was told that there were six. The coup report was released to very few individuals in Nigeria and certain foreign governments in early August 1966 - and then leaked. Katsina had gone to Lagos for a meeting at which fruitless efforts were made to get the decree repealed."Lieutenant Sanni Bello was the army ADC, and we were very close. No sooner had he picked up the receiver than a burst of SMG fire was heard in the compound. Another point which must be mentioned here is that the killing of the Eastern soldiers was indiscriminate.So, we left that night to go and look out and came back late. Adamu who was the ADC to Fajuyi, Sanni Bello, Walbe and myself, we all slept together in one room that night". This was Captain Oji firing at a member of the Brigadier's Guard, a L/Cpl of 2 battalion. No attempt was made to ascertain whether any Eastern soldier was Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, Ijaw or Ogoja.

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Same they did to Ironsi, but they removed his shirt, he wore only trousers, they also tied Fajuyi. They heard SMG fire inside the compound and were later ordered to bring out the dead body of the Lt. At the Mess the two bodies were unloaded on the ground. 2/Lt Anyafulu and the 3 ORs remained in the exchange until about 0645 hours. B Nwuogu - Army HQ (LGO) NA 18150320 L/Cpl R Ejimkonye - 1 Signal Squadron NA 504221 Sgt. They held secret meetings and even wrote a letter of protest to the Chief of Staff (Army) - Lt. Gowon - openly stating that if senior northern officers did not take action within a certain time frame, they would, and that senior northern officers would have themselves to blame for the catastrophe. Shehu Musa Yar' Adua (Adjutant, 1st battalion, Enugu).

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