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Due to their recent friendship and similar interests, she and Ted start spending a lot more time together.

When they spend time alone at an art gallery, her husband calls.

Soon after Marshall's father dies, Ted begins to realize his feelings for Zoey.

Marshall calls both Ted and Zoey, telling both of them how they felt about each other, and they get together.Zoey agrees, and they both deny that they have feelings for one another.However, it's hinted that this will not always be the case, as the Mermaid Clock begins to count down (the hypothetical countdown to the moment when you realize you want to sleep with someone).Realizing that his efforts were for Zoey rather than the Arcadian, he scraps his new design and reverts to the old ones, bringing his relationship with Zoey to hatred once more.To frustrate Ted further, Zoey enrolls in Ted's architecture class and lures all of his students to protest in favor of the preservation of the Arcadian, turning them against him.

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Ted loses control of his students to the degree that they don't even show up for class one day, but he regains control when he threatens to give an F to all who don't show up in class next day.

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