Homosexuality at the online hogwarts harry potter slash fanfiction Chatrandom black men

‘Poaching’ on their favourite series, the young fans have used it as a means of self expression through fan fiction, fan art, interactive gaming and other similar pursuits.Sexuality, violence and other such issues, excised from official storyline as it is filtered through networks of adult supervision, find space in the online fan communities in defiance of the practices of censorship in children’s and adolescent fiction.The paper explores the online world of Potter fandom as a site of defiance, deviance and resistance where the young fans negotiate through the gaps in the official story line and open the text to the demands of individual readership and concerns. The website is meant to fill in the gaps in the narrative.But if one goes by the Harry Potter archives on the Net, is clearly late.Hence, in the world of fandom, the "work" – the 7-book series --becomes a "text" which Barthes describes as the "methodological field", "activity of production" (157) "woven entirely with citations, references, echoes, cultural languages, antecedent and contemporary, which cuts across it through and through in a vast stereophony" (160).The virtual world, by its very nature, becomes a fitting space for multiple realities to flourish.

The advent of the Internet has played a major role in reshaping the dynamics of fandom and fan communities. Rowling, the author of the 7-book Potter series, promises to provide the back stories, additional information and create a unique interactive online space for its fans.

Fan reading is a communal strategy of "advances and retreats, tactics and games played with the text” (175).

In their ever-changing, fluid network that resists the attempts of containment and closure, adolescence and Internet fandom emerge intricately linked.

With over 600 million Internet archives, more than 2500 discussion forums and 500,000 stories on single fan site like fanfiction.net, number of blogs and web sites discussing every aspect of the series – Potterwhich keep up with the news surrounding the series and fandom, and podcasts like Pottercast and Mugglecast that have played a crucial role in connecting fandom.

Adolescence, a prominent theme of the Potter series, seems to have found resonance in the fandom on the Net.

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