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Purpose To show that God is faithful to those that are faithful to Him is evidently the chief purpose of the book, Neubauer (op. xvi) makes out the burial of the dead to be the chief lesson; but the lesson of almsgiving is more prominent. des Volkes Israel", IV, 233, sets fidelity to the Mosaic code as the main drift of the author, who writes for Jews of the Dispersion ; but the book is meant for all Jews, and clearly inculcates for them many secondary lessons and one that is fundamental to the rest -- God is true to those who are true to Him. Canonicity (1) In Judaism The Book of Tobias is deuterocanonical, i.e.

contained not in the Canon of Palestine but in that of Alexandria.

We shall first enumerate the various Biblical persons and then treat the book of this name. The name is omitted in the Vatican and Alexandrian codices, but given in the other important Greek manuscripts and the Vulgate. It agrees with the Vulgate in that from the outset the tale of Tobias is told in the third person; otherwise it is closer to Codex Vaticanus and closer still to Codex Sinaiticus .

Hebrew tobyyahu " Yahweh is good "; Septuagint Tobias — one of the Levites whom Josaphat sent to teach in the cities of Juda. Hebrew tobyyahu , qeri tobyyah which is the reading also of verse 14 ; Septuagint chresimon ( verse 10 ), tois chresimois autes ( verse 14 ), which infers the reading tobeha ; Vulgate Tobia — one of the party of Jews who came from Babylon to Jerusalem, in the time of Zorobabel, with silver and gold wherewith to make a crown for the head of Jesus, son of Josedec. Cheyne (Encyclopedia Biblica, s.v.) thinks that haebed , servant, is a mistake for ha arbi , the Arab. He thinks that it is a briefer form of Jerome's Aramaic text. The language is at times a transliteration of Greek and gives evidence of being a transliteration of one or other of the Greek texts.

Einen geliebten Menschen todkrank zu wissen ist schon schwer genug.

Doch Ally Parker aus Florida stehen gleich zwei schwere Schicksalsschläge bevor: Sowohl ihr Vater als auch ihre fünfjährige Tochter sollen bald sterben.

This second part is clearly a second recension; its proper names are not spelled as in the first part. This manuscript, now lost, agreed with the Aramaic of Neubauer and was in a compact style like that of the Vulgate recension.

(4) Old Latin Versions Previous to the Latin Vulgate translation of the Aramaic recension (see above) there existed at least three Old Latin versions of a Greek text which was substantially Aleph ; (a) the recension of Codex Regius Parisiensis 3654 and Codex 4 of the Library of St-Germain; (b) the recension of Cod. 7, containing 1 - ; (c) the recension of the "Speculum" of St. (5) Syriac Version Down to 7:9 , it is a translation of AB; thereafter, it agrees with the Greek cursive text, save that 13:9-18 , is omitted.Von FOCUS-Online-Experte Christian Stang Sie warten darauf, dass ihre Freundin endlich schwanger wird?Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass Ihre Partnerin Sie im kommenden Jahr mit der erfreulichen Nachricht überraschen wird, ist hoch, wenn Sie einen dieser Namen tragen.(b) Aleph , the text of the Sinaitic (fourth-century) Codex.Its style is very much more diffuse than that of AB, which seems to have omitted of set purpose many stichoi of Aleph -- cf.

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