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Spurred by Comey’s latest statement, I realized it was time to change my ways. Like Oremus, I hope that computer manufacturers will start adding physical covers to machines, though we shouldn’t expect them to do so any time soon.

In the meantime, you can buy physical covers online, sure, but having already delayed too long, I wanted something fast.

Whether you are messing with strangers on Omegle or Chatroulette or having a good time with friends on Skype, Face Rig works with just about everything.

The panorama ranges from the University of Vienna, to City Hall, Parliament, the Volksgarten and the Museum of Natural History and Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Back in 2013, Tyler Lopez made just such a case in Future Tense, writing, “almost anyone—from foreign governments to the creepy teenager down the street—could be recording you while you sit at your computer.” The following year, documents leaked by Edward Snowden indicated that the NSA uses plug-ins to hijack cameras, information that surely informs Comey’s own decisions.

Alas, the sticker I tried was sufficiently translucent that my camera was still able to capture a phantasmatic image of me (see below).

And who knows – you might even be in Vienna soon yourself and wave at the camera to your friends!

This week, FBI Director James Comey reaffirmed a position he’s expressed in the past, claiming that he covers his computer’s camera with tape.

Duct tape: Short of permanently destroying your camera, this may be the most brutally effective method.

My testing suggested that nothing’s going to get through, but its pragmatic qualities are arguably surpassed by its ugliness.

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In that regard, it’s probably the closest equivalent to a tinfoil hat on this list.

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