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hiya hun im in yorkshire so not sure what the difference will be for u down there, rent will be a lot higher but im not sure about the rest we have a 3 bed detatched house and pay: electric 50 per month gas 60 for month water 33 per month tv liscence 12 shopping for me oh and dd 60 per week, your will prob be a bit higher if u have nappies and milk to buy council tax 120 per month and dont forget like contents insurace, sky, internet, mobile all things like that?

Have a chat with your mum and dad and suggest you give them a bit extra every week/month and they can put this money aside for you so when you are ready to go you have some back up savings.

I moved out of my Mum's house nearly 2 years ago now, if she'd had a bigger house me and my son would still be there now!

We allowed 60 a month for gas and 60 for electric which could be considered generous but a friend recently moved into a flat with a gas card and electric key and between the 2 is doing about 45 a week!

I should apologies as dont want to put the dampners on your dreams I just think anyone would be mad to consider moving out at a time like this if they had a viable alternative.

BUT it is so liberating too xx Only an idea but if you absolutely HAD to get out, you would be better off renting a 3 bed and letting out a room to help subsadise your bills.

Just think if you waited another year or two and saved what you would otherwise be spending on rent or bills you could have a deposit to buy or a lot of money in the bank.

With no disrespect intended if your living in a 7 bed house, its not like your falling over each other through lack of space and any money you spend on rent & bills is money you have effectively burnt.

Our income is going to get squeezed and if you can avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable position I think anyone would advise you to stay at home, at least for the minute.

Your outgoing expenses will always be much, much less living with family even if your contributing towards the bills.

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