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In June 2006, Saudi Arabia requested the foreign military sale of 58 M1A1 tanks and the upgrade of these and the 315 M1A2 already in the Saudi inventory to M1A2S configuration.

The upgrade involves rebuilding to a 'like new' condition, similar to the US Army Abrams Integrated Management Program (AIM).

Production of M1A1 tanks for the US Army is complete.

The first M1 tank was produced in 1978, the first M1A1 in 1985 and the first M1A2 in 1986.

Deliveries began in April 2009 and will continue until July 2011.

In February 2008, General Dynamics was awarded a multi-year contract to upgrade to SEP Version Two (V2) configuration the remaining 435 M1A1 tanks in the US Army inventory.

The M1A1 series, produced from 1985 through 1993, replaced the M1's 105mm main gun with a 120mm gun and incorporated numerous other enhancements, including an improved suspension, a new turret, increased armor protection, and a nuclear-chemical-biological protection system.

The newer M1A2 series includes all of the M1A1 features plus a commander's independent thermal viewer, an independent commander's weapon station with second generation thermal imager; commander's display for digital color terrain maps; second generation thermal imaging gunner's sight with increased range; driver's integrated display and thermal management system, position navigation equipment, and a digital data bus and radio interface unit providing a common picture among M1A2s on the battlefield.

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In March 2004, the Australian Army announced the purchase of 59 US Army M1A1 tanks to enter service from 2007.

The contract was signed in November 2005 and the first five were handed over in February 2006 at GDLS in Lima, Ohio.

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A further 60 were ordered in August 2006, and 180 in November 2006.

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