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Launched in June: the One Plus 5 is a 5.5in smartphone with an AMOLED Full HD screen and a dual-lens camera that doesn’t look out of place on the shelf next to those other, top-dollar smartphones launched in 2017.

Essential to the One Plus 5’s lasting appeal lies in its more wallet-pleasing asking price.

In short, as you can see by the graph below, the One Plus 5 is near-identical to Samsung's Galaxy S8 and the HTC U11 in both single-core and multi-core performance, with the One Plus edging slightly ahead.

Fantastic then, considering the One Plus 5 is almost £200 cheaper than its identical performers.

The second is the fact that the fingerprint reader has moved to the rear of the phone from the front.

Don’t let that stop your excitement, though: there’s plenty on offer that makes the One Plus 5 a worthy contender for phone of the year. Designed to undercut the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s i Phone 7 by a considerable margin, without sacrificing neither looks nor performance.

The best news, however, is that One Plus has kept the price for the One Plus 5T at the same level as the One Plus 5.

It's still £449 for the regular 64GB storage model and £499 for the 128GB model meaning it retains its crown as king of the mid-range smartphones.

At £449, One Plus’ sixth smartphone undermines the mortgage-inducing price tag of its flagship competitors.

However, 2017 has already been a phenomenal year for flagship-killing alternatives.

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