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The more she sat home alone on Friday nights, the sicker she got, the more you neglected her, feeding a cycle that drove you into the arms of that buxom freshman. I didn’t know what I was in for, and I chose a younger, more reliable, “better” model. Within 60 seconds I can see a full list of the most common SM problems. Citroën built too many of them, and even though most of them are rusted junk, the good ones have yet to transcend the reputations of the bad ones. She didn’t appreciate you no matter how much you loved her. Even if you had tried, you would have had to leave her behind at the dorm if you wanted a night out. If only dating sites offered the cornucopia of information available online about vintage cars. They’re almost certainly unaware of what it took to actually Perhaps that’s why even my ‘A-’ Citroen SM is still worth just ,000, or as much as an almost-loaded Honda Accord sells for.When it was sold at auction at the recent Rétromobile classic car show, the Baillon collection amassed a total value of €25 million. The odd thing is that while the world of classic cars is generally an obscure and specialised one, barn-finds seem to have been oddly popular and populist in recent years.It all began with the story of a shed in Portugal which was found to contain a literal and figurative wealth of old cars, some exceptionally rare. And it’s certainly not because I don’t meet younger women. That is, one should still never buy the first year of anything, for even modern cars are prone to design and manufacturing problems that, once worked out, can lead to a long relationship. My SM is not some young floosie like these new cars that are turned on every time, that let you thrash them on a test drive, and will still come home with you on a layaway plan. Is every girl who graduates Miss Porter’s a Stepford Wife? The new sports cars of today still retain some soul.

The light falls upon weathered metal, tarnished chrome and cracked leather.

Once you put the name of Ferrari next to the numbers 250, you can metaphorically start to print your own money.

Ferrari 250 models in all their forms are invariably the most prized and valued cars in the world, and this one had some interesting history – having been owned by celebrated French actor Alain Delon.

Three incredibly rare Talbot-Lago T26s with coachwork by French bodywork company Saoutchik.

Speaking to the , Pierre Novikoff, Artcurial’s car specialist, said that “a collection like this can’t fail to arouse the passions of those who love automobiles, as well as art and history enthusiasts. Some cars from the 1920s and 30s still have the original paint.

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It might have been the right decision at the time, but I know better than anyone what’s it like to miss that long lost love. “I love you so much,” early SM owners would say to their cars in the morning, “I’ll do anything you ask.” Silence. Not respect derived from value or cost, but the mutual respect that comes from an honest and reciprocal relationship, and to those who know us, the respect derived from taste. I’ve been married to my SM for nearly eight years, with an initial purchase price of $20,000. I’ve spend approximately $8,000 on maintenance, and $14,000 on an engine rebuild. So, for $42,000, with approximately $1,000 per year for maintenance, I have finally found the perfect long-term relationship with a gorgeous French woman.

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