Consolidating credit card debt your own

The concept of settling unpaid debts, like credit cards, is not overly complicated, though it is certainly something that cannot fit on a single web page.And once you introduce the different stages of debt collection; and how to negotiate with debt collectors vs settling with your bank; or outline what you can do when settling collections in the court; the content for the debt settlement guide grew larger, and continues to expand.There's no easy way to get out of debt, but we make the process as simple and safe as possible.If you're like most of us, you're likely not paying much more than the minimum payments on your credit cards every month, and you're probably not seeing your balances decreasing by very much.You’ll also have access to your account information online and you’ll be able to speak with our experienced team of client services professionals who work to ensure that all of your accounts are properly serviced throughout the course of your enrollment.You can also rest easy knowing that you're working with a reputable non-profit debt relief agency like Cambridge.We highly recommend you read through the debt settlement program in order.

Since Cambridge is a nonprofit agency, most creditors will offer certain benefits that could help you pay off your debts faster than you could on your own, typically within a 4-5 year timeframe.The program went smoothly after it was all set up, so I have no complaints.I’m done with the program and Cambridge had all my debt cleared off." - Walter, OH "We were in a tremendous debt and I was out of work so I reached out to Cambridge.We specialize in helping people pay their credit card and other “unsecured” bills.Working with your creditors, we are typically able to obtain reductions on the interest rates and fees that your creditors are charging you, saving our clients an average of 2 every month!

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OK, here's how the process works: First, you'll need to schedule your FREE, one-on-one debt consultation with one of our certified credit counselors.

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