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Other than the gorgeous women, Mykolaiv also has some beautiful parks and a shipbuilding and fleet museum worth a visit, especially for the history geeks.

To be fair, the living standard here is quite low compared to Western countries.

In today’s article, we are introducing you to five more amazing cities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.

Whether you fit them as day trips for the next time you visit Kiev or make a full off-the-grid itinerary is up to you. Over a million people live in Dnipro, yet it is surprisingly little-known. During Soviet times, it grew in significance as the military established some weapon factories.

The city was reported safe even during the 2014 events.

Not only did it have no intentions of joining Russia, but people here lean more toward pro-Ukraine (like Lviv).

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As a foreigner, your status will give you some bonus points with the ladies.

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