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In the early 10th century, the familiar formula "in pago X in comitatu Y comitis" was standard in the description of property referred to in charters.However, this in itself presents interpretative challenges.References to two or three different comitati within one pagus are frequent, as are references to the comitatus of a single comes spreading into more than one pagus.This observation is fundamental for the process of family reconstruction of early German nobility as it means that counts within a single pagus were not necessarily related to each other.

Even if the name of the place can be identified, detailed local geographic knowledge is necessary in order to locate the place precisely.It therefore seems unlikely that property owners would have favoured more remote relations over direct descendants in the transmission of their possessions.The 9th to 11th century imperial families provide ample evidence of patrilineal succession, providing another indication that the same practice may already have been generally accepted among the families of the first-tier of nobility below the king/emperor.The suspicion is that early territorial appointments in Germany were largely personal, and at the discretion of the king/emperor, who exercised his right to make changes frequently depending on the continuing loyalty of the appointee and other potential appointees.This system of discretionary personal appointments can be demonstrated in the early years of the Carolingian Frankish empire (see the document CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY) and there appears to be no reason to suppose that the practice changed immediately after the kingdom of the East Franks and the kingdom of Lotharingia were created when the empire was divided under the treaty of Verdun in 843.

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