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Cartanio on December 9, 2009, before President Aquino was elected and took office. One is inclined to ask, did President Aquino fail the people, or did the people fail President Aquino?

How indeed, can it be reconciled with the good image of Filipino expatriates who chose to work and live abroad? Jekyls in their midst compared with Filipino Mr Hydes who lord it over in their home country. Until that divine time when one of their sons was voted by offspring of masters and children of slaves alike to be their leader—their President. King’s children, remain fighting for that dream, the American Dream to make a stay.

The global compass needle pointing from north to south, east to west quivers in awe, on how a person through hard work and human ability, in an incredible thrusting environment that challenges the individual, can transform a pauper into a millionaire, a relative unknown talent into a wealthy celebrity; how struggling artists and professionals can win fame and fortune overnight.More apt perhaps is to understand it as an entity of many pieces across time and space, that achieving the greatest number of pieces—realizes the dream.The Philippine Constitution defines the Philippine Dream, piecemeal.If there was a dream, it seemed all about the self, his independence and self-improvement.No utopic dream for its citizens to rise above his worth.

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It is an skewed comparison but Ninoy Aquino of recent history said, “The Filipinos are worth dying for.” A quarter of a century after those words were said—that led to his murder—many are still uncertain, dubious as to what Ninoy really meant.

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