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Many older towns in Northern Scandinavia have been built exclusively out of log houses, which have been decorated by board paneling and wood cuttings.

Today, construction of modern log cabins as leisure homes is a fully developed industry in Finland and Sweden.

Although their origin is uncertain, the first log structures were probably being built in Northern Europe by the Bronze Age (about 3500 BC). Their log building had undergone an evolutionary process from the crude "pirtti"...a small gabled-roof cabin of round logs with an opening in the roof to vent smoke, to more sophisticated squared logs with interlocking double-notch joints, the timber extending beyond the corners.

Log saunas or bathhouses of this type are still found in rural Finland." By stacking tree trunks one on top of another and overlapping the logs at the corners, people made the "log cabin".

Nevertheless, a medieval log cabin was considered movable property (a chattel house), as evidenced by the relocation of Espåby village in 1557: the buildings were simply disassembled, transported to a new location and reassembled.

It was also common to replace individual logs damaged by dry rot as necessary.

Few log cabins dating from the 18th century still stand, but they were often not intended as permanent dwellings. Log cabins were built from logs laid horizontally and interlocked on the ends with notches (British English cog joints).

Possibly the oldest surviving log house in the United States is the C. Some log cabins were built without notches and simply nailed together, but this was not as structurally sound. The most important aspect of cabin building is the site upon which the cabin was built.

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