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Abstract: Recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in laboratory experiments for quantum computing.As the complexity of these experiments increases, however, so too does the difficultly in verifying the quality of the experiment by some objective measure, and in characterizing any undesired noise processes therein so as to improve the next generation devices.Our architecture is feasible to be scaled up to a larger number of photons and with higher rate to race against increasingly advanced classical computers in the near term.

Previously, it was unclear how to achieve such strong lower bounds for any explicit family of polytopes.Long streams of 92% indistinguishability, which are shown to be near transform limit [5].The single photons are used for 3-, 4-, and 5-bosonsampling experiments, more than 24,000 times faster than all previous experiments, and more than 10 times faster than through calculating the matrices permanents using the first electronic computer (ENIAC) and transistorized computer (TRADIC) in the human history [6].To receive announcements, calls for papers and other general information about QIP 2017, send an email from your preferred email address to [email protected] the following: Subject: SUBSCRIBEBody of message: SUBSCRIBE QIP2017-ANNOUNCE First Name Last Name To unsubscribe, send an email from your preferred email address with the following: Subject: UNSUBSCRIBEBody of message: UNSUBSCRIBE QIP2017-ANNOUNCE First Name Last Name To join the discussion with other conference participants about logistics of the conference (e.g., finding a roommate or planning a hike, etc.), send an email from your preferred email address to [email protected] an empty subject line the following message body: SUBSCRIBE QIP2017-DISCUSS First Name Last Name If you successfully subscribe, you will receive a confirmation email that you must reply to.If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check your spam/ junk folder.

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